Merkabah music


Merkabah Ubiquity album

01. Mythomania
02. Divine Sparks
03. Red Letter Days
04. Circles of Despair
05. Brothers from the Seed of Cain
06. Deadly Prophets of the Printed Page
07. Agartha
08. Ubiquity

01. Mythomania

(François Vachon)

I feel a strong passion
To defy reason
For imagination

Playing characters,
Dreaming of the dreamers
I give life its colors

Am I crazy?
Have I lost my mind?
I don't think so…

With fantasy,
Life becomes divine

The only truth
Is that of the heart
Seeking complete freedom

Playacting fool,
I reach for the stars
This life I devour

Walking on a tightrope when you're sleepwalking
Seems perfectly sane to me

I'm sick of people who take things for granted
Pretentiousness makes them weak

Pre-chorus / Chorus

We have the power to keep reinventing ourselves…


02. Divine Sparks

(François Vachon)

Divine sparks work their alchemy within me
Beyond my unconscious, ignite my True Will…

"Do what thou wilt," the Magus cried
As the world entered the Age of Horus
Reaching the God within, he could command the demons
And spread the Word of the new Aeon

The night is the shadow of the Earth
And the moon's light derives from the sun
Through the powers of the universe
I summon the Holy One

Beyond my unconscious
The Great Beast awakened


Visions of splendour, mystical unions
Every duality is but an illusion
With a Serpent Flame he transcended reason
And the mysteries of occult wisdom


Beyond the unconscious, the Great Beast awakened
Beyond the unconscious, divine sparks ascend


03. Red Letter Days

(François Vachon)

Days come and go
Like endless rows
Of falling dominoes

We try to ride the waves
Before they break
Pushing ourselves hard
To live our own way
And for today

The best of times is now
You've learned it the hard way
Now, your spark shall catch in a brilliant blaze
Nobody burns without a trace

If life seems like a bitch and death a whore
And if you feel like you're crushed against a wall
It's time to show who you are

There's no need to wait for anything special to happen
No time to wait for any dreams to come true
Every day is a red letter day
Every day is a red letter day

Days come and go
Like falling dominoes

We try to ride the waves
Before they break
To live our own way
And for today


04. Circles of Despair

(François Vachon)

Seasons and patterns
Eternal return
The self consuming snake

Symbols and features
Of our experience
As creatures of the Earth

Life is a series of deflections
And clockwise turns from goal to goal
Circling the secrets of existence
To capture the heart of the soul

Demons from the past
Fears of the future
We reap what we have sown

Wandering in despair
The Beat poet hits the road
And pushes the Wheel of Dharma


We're running after something
That's running after us
Dreaming we are butterflies
Dreaming they are men

And persist with the hope
That when we lose control
Turning towards our goal
We sail true to our soul



05. Brothers from the Seed of Cain

(François Vachon)

When I climbed aboard the train
Bound for Holcomb on that day
How come I didn't know my life would never be the same?

At first, the facts confused me
And then, tangled and ensnared me
But how to explain
Things I can barely understand?

Though their plan was a cinch, the perfect score
It turned into a spree, killing four
Caught six weeks later in the city of sin
Then, my ordeal of torment began

They were convicted of the killings
And sentenced to death

I bore witness to them in prison
Until their last dying breath

I was possessed by their story
Pounding the keys and punching it out

And soon it hit me that these men were not so wicked
But just drifting cursed humanity

They were brothers from the seed of Cain
On Death Row
Brothers from the seed of Cain
* Through the trial to the gallows I wrote
* No God, no hope at the end of the rope

Such a crime is a crime against humanity
I know, but I am not my brothers' keeper!
They marked me as a friend, another forsaken son!

Your work is done. Still, murder is a mystery
I know they were goddamn killers!
But now their blood calls to me from the ground!



06. Deadly Prophets of the Printed Page

(François Vachon)

Have you ever seen life as a fiction
Been on a journey to the dark side of the soul?

Do you believe this world is a prison
We should escape as the story unfolds?

Deadly prophets of the printed page
Reality is but a gilded cage

In a brave new world of desolation
We are still chained in Plato's cave

We fashion thoughts and abominations
From Lovecraft's myths and Nietzsche's rage


We live our lives a million times
Through the eyes of the readers' minds
On and on 'til the last line
Trapped in a story


The truth is nowhere to be found in reality
And all prophecy is forged in fantasy


07. Agartha

(François Vachon)

Are you acquainted with that mystics' lore
Spreading through the ages from the days of yore
(Of) A secret world called Agartha?

Beyond the entrances hidden at the poles
Is it hell or Eden or the great unknown?
The inner world of Agartha

The home of lost souls and eternal flames
In the womb of our Mother
The underworld, the land of the dead
The source of occult powers

Cross the bridge of light, see the central sun
Behind the altar, find a way to the throne
The Dragon reigns in Agartha

The Sages' knowledge of true alchemy
Is key to the matrix of human history
The Divine Plan for Agartha

We have abandoned this forgotten land
In the womb of our Mother
The hollow Earth, a forbidden realm
The source of sacred powers

The temple of the Elder Race
Ascended masters of wisdom
A new level of consciousness
The source of pure creation

Sail to Agartha
The kingdom of the gods
Under the ageless ice

Watch out for the signs
And decipher the stanzas
From the Book of Dzyan

Fly to Agartha
The kingdom of the gods
Under the Himalayas



07. Ubiquity


«Belief, like fear or love, is a force to be understood as we understand the Theory of Relativity and Principles of Uncertainty. Phenomena that determine the course of our lives. Yesterday, my life was headed in one direction. Today, it is headed in another. Yesterday, I believed I would never have done what I did today. These forces that often remake time and space, that can shape and alter who we imagine ourselves to be, begin long before we are born and continue after we perish. Our lives and our choices, like quantum trajectories, are understood moment to moment. At each point of intersection, each encounter suggests a new potential direction.»
—David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas